Career coaching produces success

“After only a one-hour prep session with Valli, I negotiated for a $10,000 increase in my offer.”

Denise Willams, Change Management Analyst Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret)

“Within the first three months working with Valli on job search strategies and personal branding, I had 12 interviews resulting in two incredible offers with great perks. I love what I am doing now. I have Valli to thank for a lot of my success and only wish I’d started working with her sooner. Leveraging Valli is like ‘preventive medicine’, the best investment I could have made!”

Joseph Dichairo, Specialist Leader/Defense Sector, Deloitte; Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret)

“Maybe my tag line would read: 2nd Act For A Rock Star! Community leaders regularly introduced me as “Elvis Presley”, and then my limelight faded. Partnering with Valli was transformational, helped me refocus my strengths and regain my confidence. Now I’m on my way to making a lasting comeback.”
Curtis Leidig, VP Real Estate Developer, 2011

“Valli is an intuitive & professional career coach that helped me see beyond the challenges I faced as a laid off employee. When my previous company closed suddenly, I felt really lost and uncertain as to how to regroup and position myself for future employment. As weeks passed and I felt anxious about being unemployed, I chose to hire Valli to help me. The connection I felt with her was immediate because she was there precisely when I needed her and gave me tangible feedback and assistance. She kept me me focused on today and creating my future, instead of dwelling on the past. Valli’s patience and expertise helped me go from “lost” to “found” as we utilized several excellent assessment tools. When we were finished, I was pleasantly suprised that my preoccupation was no longer on the anxiety of being out of work and on what I couldn’t control, but instead on being true to myself by setting personal and professional goals. Within a few weeks I landed my dream job – working in the same field but in an even more satisfying capacity. I’m very grateful for all of Valli’s help!”

Ellen Police, President/Custom Design and Fabrication, November 11, 2011

“Valli helped me to transform the anxiety of being back in the job market after 20+ years into a very positive period of personal and professional self-assessment and “discovery” that led me to a perfect new career opportunity. Beyond looking at my work experience and skills, Valli guided me through a deeper exploration of my life goals, personality profile, and relationships with others – all an important part of what I needed to know to identify the “right” new workplace. Valli encouraged me to maximize – and expand – my own network of contacts, which ultimately led me to my new job. Her very warm, supportive, and knowledgeable assistance as my “career coach” not only helped me professionally, but also to prioritize and make choices that will help me keep a better “life balance” in the future. Thank you, Valli!”

Ellen Blalock, Program Coordinator Senior Services – Non-Profit, July 2010

“Valli is amazing. I thought I was looking for a job, but she helped me to realize that I was also looking for a lifestyle change. Valli consistently pointed out things that were important to me that I was overlooking in my zeal to find the right job. I now have the perfect job and the perfect lifestyle!”

Executive Director of Non-Profit

“Valli is a highly motivating force, inspiring people to reach and achieve beyond ‘the possible’.”

Office Manager

“As a coach Valli helped me define and then address issues both in my professional and personal life in a different way and showed me the connection. The process challenged me to explore different approaches and the helped me gain clarity on elements that made me grow both as an executive/ manager overseeing a team as well as my role within a large organization.”

Senior VP, International Commercial Real Estate Developer, Washington, DC

“As an Executive Coach, Valli helped me organize my work concerns into two categories. It was then easier to address these and I saw improvements right away.”

Ph.D. mid-career level non-profit government contractor

“I hear her words in my head whenever I am asked a tough question because she has thoroughly prepared me to anticipate such a query and to answer with an intelligent response. I highly recommend Valli as a career coach. She is extremely knowledgeable, pragmatic, smart, warm, and accessible”

Ellice Halpern, JD, Director of Outreach

“She coached me by suggesting that I broaden my search for companies to apply to, gave me interviewing tips and prepped me through the process. I got 2 internship job offers, which led to a second internship the next semester, where I got a raise. I would recommend her as a Career Coach because she was kind, patient, easy to talk with and accessible by phone and through e-mails. This was important to me when I needed a question answered immediately during the interview process.”

David Atkinson – Civil Engineer, Brown University ’08

“I want to thank you for your help and your guidance has been invaluable. I had several opportunities to choose from, felt that I was well prepared with my new honed skills and could answer each question directly, succinctly and assertively. My new employer gave me the runway to succeed. I’m excited to join a team where I have people invested in my success. At the end of one of the interviews they ended with …When can you start? As an Executive Leadership and Career Coach I feel you were an influential part of my self discovery …”

John Palmer – Federal Practice Specialist, A Top 5 Consulting Practice, April, 2011

“I can’t recommend Valli enough! As an executive leadership and career coach, she is a warm, creative, and enthusiastic partner in bringing out the very best in her clients. She also brings a wealth of information from her years as a top notch recruiter that helps to highlight how each client stands out from the pack in terms of what they can bring to a job interview or to their current position. With her help I was able to break free of old patterns that were restricting me from approaching my job search in a positive, proactive way. I was job searching for a year and finally, with these new approaches, I was able to find a perfect job. I wish I had engaged with Valli much earlier in my search process!”

Brenda Gillinson, Communications Mgr, ILMA, May, 2011

Workshop Testimonials:
“Fun, light informative…. and engaging style.”
Kevin Cookmeyer, Biz Dev/Propodal Capture

“Excellent presentation with lots of facts backed up by research!”
Gregory Tong, Principal, Process Quality Integration, LCC

“Valli kept it interesting and insightful.”
Jim Hogh, Project Manager

“……enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well prepared”
Martha Kiene, Chief Ops, USACE, Operations Center

“Vallil’s workshop on the “Introvert vs Extrovert: Business Strategies For Success” stimulated my interest in looking further into the subject area to use in my coaching practice. Her use of an experiential role play was instrumental in realizing the needs of others and the difficulty different styles of personalities operate in. Her presentation style lent itself to the two types as she truly understood each person’s comment on who they saw themselves as. She is open to giving of herself and all felt the passion of her presentation.”

Isabel Einzig-Wein: Principal of Unique Pathways, LLC : Principal of Fiberoptic.com