·Would additional tactics to “differentiate yourself” from your competition help take you to the next level in your current job or help secure a new job faster and for a top salary?
·What’s the picture you want to leave on the canvas of your career?
·Are you a workaholic who feels that there needs to be more to your life?
·Do you feel defined by a job title or industry that no longer fits your goals?
·Do you have passions or hobbies that you’ve back burnered because they don’t pay the bills?
·Are you starting to plan your encore career?


It’s impossible to be truly successful when you can’t be yourself. Valli Swerdlow is the BABY VOOMER (TM) Career Coach and Personal Brand Strategist for Baby Boomer Leaders in Transition.

Valli Swerdlow is the BABY VOOMER™ Career & Personal Brand Coach. Valli partners with boomer leaders—in the public and private sector—to make both mindful and heartfelt career transitions that have an enduring impact in their lives and communities. She leverages her enterprising spirit, resources, and creative approach to inspire her clients to achieve vantage, vitality, and victory.

As a Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist with certification in Leadership and Executive Coaching from the University of Rochester, Valli’s mission is to help her clients make the most of their unique “true colors” and increase their visibility to achieve their goals. Whether her clients are seeking mobility in their current organization or want to reinvent their hidden talents, she quickly gains trust and empowers them to pursue more rewarding work. She offers her services nationwide by phone and Skype and in her Washington D.C.-area office. With sensitivity to individual differences, Valli draws from her extensive career development palette including:

· Proven career development and strategic planning methodologies
· A variety of 360° Leadership and reputation assessments, including 360°Reach™ and PROFILOR®
· Meyers-Briggs® (MBTI) and Strong Interest Inventory®

Valli founded VALLI Associates in 2008 after an 11-year international talent management career with small to Fortune 500 corporate clients, including Discovery Channel, NPR, USAToday, Washington Post, and TimeLife. Previously, she enjoyed a career as a visionary designer/entrepreneur before earning her M.S.W. in Clinical and Family Therapy from Boston University and working as a clinical therapist for several years. When one meets Valli, it’s obvious she is now living her passion to help others tap into theirs.

A sought-after speaker with a keen interest in diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Valli is known for her keynotes and workshops on “Failure is not an option…but it should be!”,  Astonishing Truths About Introverts and Extroverts (& Why You Should Care!) and Multi-Generational Workforce: Are You Talking To Me? Audiences respond to her humorous, witty and touching lessons learned about transitions and relating to others with varied styles and interests. She has also appeared on TV and radio.

Valli walks her talk when it comes to pursuing hobbies and creatively integrating them into her work life. She’s energized by traveling to exotic, adventurous locations (like witnessing Gorillas in Rwanda) and now painting abstract flowers on large canvasses. While in India she was inspired to write and illustrate a children’s book called Vallini Goes To India.

Professional Memberships
International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Women in Technology (WIT)

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